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Newly established CSD Competence Center for aircraft cabin interior, livery and external marking design

Billund, Denmark, 1st June 2021

Cabin Safety Design (CSD) programs has been part of Scandinavian Avionics Design’s area of expertise for years, however in order to become an even stronger player in this field, it has been decided to establish a separate competence center, focusing isolated on CSD programs and the customer base in this segment. The aim for this enhanced focus on cabin interior, livery and external marking design, is to secure the capacity and flexibility required, in order to deliver on the fast turnaround times, which are demanded in this part of the business.

"We have seen an increase in requests for design changes in the CSD area, and we have taken this step to accommodate that increasing demand. Our normal programs are complex avionics modifications, and in order to deliver on the faster pace and lower complexity on the CSD programs, we have chosen to invest in this new competence center. It is our belief that the Cabin Safety Design market holds a great potential, which is why we have taken this new step",  says Michael R. Truelsen, Chief Executive, Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS – Part of The SA Group

SA Design is an approved EASA Part 21J Design Organization and holds hundreds of STC’s and minor changes. The primary business is development of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s), involving complex structural and electrical modifications and related engineering programs.

Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS | CSD Competence Center  
SA Design - CSD Competence Center is a subdivision of Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS (SA Design). The CSD Competence Center is physically located in the heart of Europe, close to Vienna in Austria, and are an integral part of SA Design and is working under SA Design’s EASA Part-21J approval.

SA Design is part of The SA Group. The SA Group provides complete turn-key solutions within avionics, design and training, for fixed wing, rotary wing and UAV applications in both the civilian and governmental sectors. The SA Group is represented in 8 countries, on 12 locations in Europe, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. The headquarters, which was established in 1978, is located in Billund, Denmark.

Further information:
CSD – Cabin Safety Design brochure

Franz Redak, Chief Office of Airworthiness, Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS
Tel. +43 6649 130 950

Michael R. Truelsen, Chief Executive, Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS
Tel. +45 7950 8004