Michael R. Truelsen -

Michael R. Truelsen

P: +45 7950 8004

Hardy B. Truelsen -

Hardy B. Truelsen

Director - Sales & Marketing
P: +45 7950 8001

René Kildsgaard -

René Kildsgaard

Director - Finance & Administration
P: +457950 8012

Torben L. Hyrm -

Torben L. Hyrm

Director - Production
P: +45 7950 8061

Keld Poulsen -

Keld Poulsen

Director - Compliance & IT
P: +45 7950 8010


Hardy B. Truelsen -

Hardy B. Truelsen

Director - Sales & Marketing
P: +45 7950 8001

Lars M. Andersen -

Lars M. Andersen

VD - Technical Sales
P: +45 7950 8008

Mads S. Dam -

Mads S. Dam

Part-21 Sales Engineer
P: +45 7950 8023

Søren E. Petersen -

Søren E. Petersen

VD - Governmental Sales
P: +45 7950 8005

Finn Tøttenborg -

Finn Tøttenborg

Military Sales Manager
P: +45 7950 8006

Anne G. Hansen -

Anne G. Hansen

Marketing Manager
P: +45 7950 8009


HQ of The SA Group

Scandinavian Avionics A/S (SA) was established in 1978 with the objective to serve the civil aircraft industry within sales, installation and maintenance of avionics. Today Scandinavian Avionics A/S is the largest division, and formally runs as the corporate headquarter of the The SA Group.

Since 1978, SA has developed its capabilities within the avionics solutions, and today there is humbly no civil or military avionics related project that SA cannot engage in. The advantage of The SA Group is that the experience is available throughout all divisions, and all divisions can benefit of the capabilities and geographical footprint available in the group. 

As the headquarter of The SA Group, SA holds the majority of the quality approvals, and supports a lot of the basic functions for The SA Group, such as Logistics, IT, Finance, Quality, Supplier Agreements, Engineering, Sales etc. and provides these services to the divisions of The SA Group, in order for all divisions to maintain focus on technical subjects and support of their local customers. 

SA is conveniently located on the 2nd largest airport in Denmark (Billund) and is providing MRO services of avionics and instruments in our workshop, modification programs in our hangar facility or with field service teams at our customer's premises. In addition we offer engineering, design and certification services, production (POA) services, training and consultancy, - our experienced staff is standing by to support our customers 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.