Priority Partners:

Selected Partners:

Aerosonic Corporation
Integrated Cockpit Displays, Standby Displays, Sensors & Probes

Emergency Locator Transmitters

Astronics Corporation
Advanced, high performance lighting, electrical power and automated test systems for the global aerospace and defense industries

Avalex Technologies
Aviation Navigation Systems

Integrated Flight Deck Systems

Avionics Innovations
Video and Audio Entertainment Systems for aviation

Avionic Instruments
Lightweight qualified power conversion equipment

Avtech Corporation
Electronic systems for the aerospace industry

Carlisle IT (ECS)
Electrical and structual products and services for the Aerospace Industry

Chelton Ltd. (Cobham)
Antenna Systems

David Clark Company
Communication Solutions

dB Systems Inc.
Air Navigation & Aircraft Landing System antennas

Dukane Seacom Inc. (Radiant Power Corp.)
Underwater Acoustic Beacons

Aircraft avionics, test equipment, installation and pilot supplies

Gables Engineering
Avionics Controls Systems

Gogo Business Aviation
Airborne Communications Solutions, WIFI & Internet Services

Holmberg GmbH
Electro-acoustic equipment for the professional voice transmission in a noisy environment, known under the trade mark HOLMCO

HR Smith
Airborne Antennas, Static Dischargers, Radomes, Emergency Locator Transmitters, Homing Systems and Avionics Test Sets

ICARUS Instruments
Autopilot Systems

ICOM Europe
Communication Equipment

Innovative Solutions & Support
Flat Panel Display Systems, Flight Information Computers, Engine and Fuel Instrumentation, Class 3 E-Charts, and RVSM solutions to measure and display air data

Information Management solutions & Navigation Charts

Positioning, measuring and data transmission systems for remote environments

Avionics and electro-optic systems

L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders
Solid State Cockpit Voice, Flight Data, and Maritime Voyage Recorders, as well as Automatic Identification Systems, and Digital Selective Calling radios for commercial, civil, and military applications 

Northrop Grumman Corporation
High-energy laser systems, microelectronics and other systems and subsystems

Meggit Avionics
Aerospace equipment, high performance sensors, defence training and combat systems

Moving Terrain AG
Moving Map hardware and software

Mobile satellite communication systems

Communication equipment and head and face protectors

Air Data, Airborne Recorders, Audio & Video Controllers, Digital Panel Indicators & Ground Support Equipment

PS Engineering
Audio Control Systems

SAAB Transponder Tech
logistics support provider for maritime transportation and security systems featuring the R4 AIS

Shadin Avionics
Fuel Flow Systems, Engine Trend Monitors (ETM), Airdata Computers, Encoders, Flight Data Components, Data Converters and Analog Adapters

Airspeeds, Attitude Gyros, Directional Gyros, Engine Instruments & Control Panels

Sigtronics Corporation
Headsets & Intercoms

Skylight Avionics
Digital displays and electronic converters

Teledyne Controls
Electronic Flight Bag, Data Management Systems, Data Transfer Systems, Aircraft Network Systems, Safety & Training