120 minute cockpit voice recorder requirement

Upgrade of your existing 30 minute CVR installation

In the EASA aerospace mandated under COMMISION REGULATION (EU) 2015/2328 amending Regulation (E) No 965/2010.

We hold EASA STC’s covering a wide range of Part-25 and Part-23 aircraft and a variety of recorder systems, both for 30 min. to 120 min. replacement and for all new installations.

CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) Systems

  • All 30 minute systems must be replaced with 120 minute systems by 2019.01.01
  • All CVR systems must be solid state by 2019.01.01 at the latest
  • Aircraft manufactured after 2021.01.01 and with MCTOM above 27.000 kg must have CVR with 25 Hrs recording
  • CVR system, “non-deployable” must include an ULB with minimum 90 days transmission time by 2018.06.16
  • CVR system, “deployable” must include and automatic locator transmitter
  • Scandinavian Avionics hold separate STC covering replacement of existing 30 day ULB to 90 day ULB (Both on CVR and FDR)

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