300 dedicated racing cyclists ride for a world without sclerosis

Scandinavian Avionics a proud sponsor of Cykelnerven

Cykelnerven takes place every year in June. The route is always planned according to the official Tour de France route when it is published in October.

“Cykelnerven” is the toughest charity event in Denmark, and challenges the participants with demanding and exhausting routes in the French Alpes. Only a couple of weeks before the Tour de France event arrives, the participants of this year’s Cykelnerven are climbing eight of the steep Tour-mountains in only four days.

They do it for charity, and to raise attention to sclerosis – an illness which attacks the human nervous system. The number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Denmark has doubled since 1998. According to the international "Atlas of MS", compiled by the International MS Federation (MSIF), Denmark has, after San Marino, the highest incidence of sclerosis in Europe and are amongst the highest occurrences in the world, only exceeded by Canada.

Scandinavian Avionics has for the past 3 years been a proud sponsor of Cykelnerven. This year the event collected approx. EUR 800.000,- in total to help research.

More information: Facebook.com/cykelnerven  or www.cykelnerven.dk