COVID-19 Update

We are open for business

First and foremost, I hope this email finds you all well and in good health.

Below you can read about our precautions against spreading COVID-19 virus, - how we still operate to serve you - our customers, while protecting the health and safety of our employees.

Business Operations

  • Logistics and parts services: Status per 30/03 on deliveries are not affected.
  • MRO services: Our workshop is open with minimum staffing - extra turn-around-time may occur on selected parts.
  • Design, engineering and STC's: We have staffing available and welcome new assignments.
  • Installation services: Our hangar is operating, and keeping time schedules.
  • Training services: AEROTEAM Training Solutions have postponed our physical training sessions, however we are available to perform web based training, so please let us know if you have any requirements.
  • Product development: Limited resources available, but we can gear up with short notice.
  • Production services: Limited resources available, but we can gear up with short notice.


Employee Health and Safety

  • Workforce - onsite and remote: We are focusing on smaller teams, on the workforce that needs to be present physical, and our administrative workforce is working from home to the widest extent possible, in order to minimize risk.
  • All business travels are cancelled.
  • Meeting activities are moved to online-platforms.
  • Cleaning and sanitizers has always been a key part of our workplaces and offices, and are continually kept at the highest standards.

I wish you all to stay safe and healthy during this special and challenging time. I am sure our industry will rise again once the pandemic is under control.


With best regards

Michael Truelsen
CEO, Scandinavian Avionics A/S - HQ of The SA Group 

You are most welcome to contact us directly, with any enquiry you might have:
Call us: +45 7950 8000