Obsolescence Warning for DTU-100

The DTU-100 Data Loader system with Zip Disk technology is per December 31st 2019, no longer supported. We have developed an EASA AML Certification Package for replacement of the obsolete Universal Avionics DTU/DTU-100 with the SSDTU (Solid State Data Transfer Unit).

This information refers to OEM, Universal Avionics Service letter no. 2890:

“The DTU-100 Data Transfer Unit with Zip Disk technology is per December 31st 2019, no longer supported by the distribution of Databases on Zip Disk. This is prompted by the increased difficulty in obtaining Zip Disks which meet the required quality standards.

Navigation Database Cycle 1913 (effective 5th December 2019 through 1st January 2020) will be the final cycle for which Universal will ship zip disks. Effective with cycle 2001, existing customers who are signed up for media delivery will be transitioned to a download-only subscription.”

Consequently must the obsolete DTU-100 be replaced with the Solid State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU).

By upgrading to the SSDTU, you will be able to continue database uploads of your existing systems. We have developed an EASA Approved Model List (AML) Certification Package for replacement of Universal Avionics DTU / DTU-100 with the SSDTU, and we can of course also perform the installation.

Solid-State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU)
The SSDTU with USB and SD technology replaces the obsolete floppy and ZIP DTU / DTU-100. The SSDTU is capable of interfacing with up to 6 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), incl. FMS, TAWS, V1, ASU, Unilink and FDR. The high-speed media ports and -Ethernet allows for fast and easy data transfer.

Present high demand for SSDTU’s may incur certain delivery time, still with a signed order for delivery of below mentioned package, we are able to support DTU-100 database upgrade while awaiting delivery of the new SSDTU, - this will require the LRU to be shipped to us.

This package is applicable for Part-23 and Part-25 aircraft.

STC No.:
2118315-EO (Part-23 Aircraft)
2118267-EO (Part-25 Aircraft)
and 1408-00-x SSDTU package (Portable PSSDTU concept also available at extra cost)

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