Scandinavian Avionics receives EASA Part 21G Production Approval

Scandinavian Avionics has received EASA Production Organization Apporval (POA) under Approval NO: DK.21G.0002

The new approval will enable Scandinavian Avionics and The SA Group to provide a wider range of avionic services to even more customers in the aviation industry as well as enhance the capability towards the existing customer base. 

Michael R. Truelsen, President of Scandinavian Avionics comments: 

"This approval is a big step forward for Scandinavian Avionics and The SA Group and we will start to offer complete Form 1'd STC kits to go along with our aubstantial STC sales to our partners and colleagues around the world. The approval is also a major factor in our development programs, especially concerning our new EFB product portfolio"

The approval has been on the roadmap for The SA Group for long and is now finally part of the existing extensive approval portfolio of the The SA Group. 

Find the Approval here