Telephonics’ European repair center in full operation.

As announced last year, the headquarters in The SA Group, Scandinavian Avionics A/S has been appointed the first authorized Telephonics repair center outside the USA. The agreement includes maintenance of the RDR-1600 and RDR-1400 line of weather radars and the final approval is now in place and all required test equipment and qualified personnel are now fully functional and up and running at the avionics repair facilities in Denmark.   

Over the years, Scandinavian Avionics has developed an extensive radar maintenance capability and today, the company supports more than 400 different radar equipment part numbers and service a large number of customers with radar maintenance services, both on case by case and contract basis.   

With the Telephonics radar maintenance capability up and running, all operators outside the USA with RDR-1600 and RDR-1400 equipped aircraft can expect quicker and more efficient high quality maintenance services in the future.