The Danish Armed Forces’ T-17 aircraft are being upgraded with new digital instruments

Since 1975, the Danish Armed Forces has used the SAAB T-17 Supporter aircraft for e.g. pilot training. Now is the time for a thorough update of the instrumentation of the aircraft - a task that Scandinavian Avionics has helped greatly along the way. The prototype, which has undergone an upgrade and subsequent test flight, was handed over yesterday at the Danish Air Show in Karup, Denmark.

Before and after. Photo: Danish Armed Forces

Photo: Camilla Trine Adams / Danish Armed Forces

Photo: Danish Armed Forces

The original analogue navigation and communication equipment has been dismantled and replaced by modern digital equipment. With its many in-house capabilities, Scandinavian Avionics has lifted the complex task of upgrading an older aircraft to become up-to-date.

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