Wiring Harness and Kits Manufacturing

Did you know that we hold several EASA approvals within The SA Group?

Our Design -, Engineering - and Production Departments are working close together, when producing complete kits and wiring harnesses like the one shown here. With all capabilities in-house we are able to deliver:

  • Design/Certification of wiring diagrams and kit specifications, for re-wirings, integrations or upgrades
  • Engineering of complete solutions
  • In-house laser wire marking
  • Production of wiring harnesses
  • Manufacturing of electronic components
  •  Installation
  • Service and support

So get in touch with our production organization (EASA Part-21G POA) if you have a requirement for having a batch of wires with specific marking, a wiring harness or a complete kit delivered with an EASA Form-1. We are here to help.

SA@scanav.com or learn more about each of our capabilities from the top menu