Yet another airline signs up for strong EFB solution from Scandinavian Avionics A/S

The turkish Pegasus Airline choose the future-proof tablet based solution from Scandinavian Avionics for the fleet of Boeing 737-NG aircraft. The SA Group headquarter, Scandinavian Avionics A/S signed an agreement with Pegasus Airlines least week.

The SA group is proud to announce its next customer for the Electronic flight Bag solution, Pegasus Airlines. The solution consists of 2 ruggedized 10.1 'Panasonic tablets and Scandinavian Avionics' tablet power solution. The deployment is prepared to facilitate avionics connectivity and expansion for future planned upgrades. 

Based on EASA Part-21J and 21G approvals, Scandinavian Avionics can, as one out of a few suppliers design, manufacture and certify tailored EFB products in house. These values added, limits risk exposure and increases predictability for customer projects. This is in line with the SA Groups philosophy to provide turn-key avionics to its valued customers. 

The solution provided to Pegasus follows the industry path to introduce COTS tablets in the cockpit while leaning on avionics components for functions to reside in the aircraft for many years. 

Michael R. Truelsen, President at Scandinavian Avionics, explain: 

"As opposed to other EFB solutions with expensive hardware and high certification costs, we have developed a future-proof concept that enables the aircraft operator to use commercial windows based as the EFB display. the developments within commercial tablets are running way faster than the traditional EFB hardware and with our solution the operator can continuously upgrade the EFB display to the most current model at low certification costs."

An Electronic Flight Bag solution benefits any airline or aircraft operator by reducing weight on board and by saving time on updating the physical charts in the flight bag as well as gaining operational benefits with connectivity. 

Ridvan Goktay, Pegasus Airlines Technical Consultant comments: 

"As a rapidly expanding airline we firmly believe that the new solution provided by Scandinavian Avionics, will exceed the operational benefits. Streamlining our operation, the utilization of new technology is important in optimizing our daily processes, both today and in the future as we continue to expand."

Michael R. Truelsen concludes: 

"We are confident that our solution selected by several leading European Airlines, and now also by Pegasus Airlines, is the right choice for the future. We welcome Pegasus into the SA-Customer family."

Certification activities have been performed and installation will start in high pace during the autumn '14.