Logistics & Parts Services

With a central logistics department located at the headquarters in Billund, Denmark and a supplier network with more than 100 approved avionics manufacturers and suppliers, The SA Group provides logistics support, exchange and outright sales for a significant range of avionics equipment, instruments and spare parts.

Logistics Support

Due to an efficient logistic system centrally located in Billund, Denmark, The SA Group is able to offer all customers the ultimate equipment and support as quickly and efficiently as absolutely possible. All divisions in The SA Group have access to the stock and logistics system, securing the fastest and most optimal service in all local facilities, both via internal stock availability and avionics OEM's rental/exchange pool, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. 

Supplier Network

As an OEM approved dealer, The SA Group offers full support, traceability and warranty on all factory new OEM units. In addition, all serviceable and overhauled equipment is supplied with EASA Form 1 or/and FAA 8130-3 or other agreed civil or military release certificate as well as a high level of warranty support.

The SA Group represents a wide range of the world’s leading avionics manufacturers, including i.a.: