Product Development

Customized avionics and electronic products

In order to ease the operation of certain applications for the operator and to simplify certification aspects, particularly for the aviation industry with very stringent certification requirements, SA Innovation ApS, – member of The SA Group provides in-house development of intelligent and cost-effective customized avionics and aircraft electronics devices and concepts. SA Innovation ApS also develops certain structural/ mechanical interfaces (racks, mounting devices, tablet holders etc.) as required from our own and customer specific programs. 

The customized products are designed to meet a certain demand or niche within the field of electronics, primarily aimed at the aviation industry. However, The SA Group also offers development programs for land mobile and maritime applications.

Staffed by a number of highly experienced engineers who has worked with avionics and electronic component development for years, the product development division has the advantage of the experience within both operational, installation and certification aspects and consequently is able to avoid potential obstacles at an early stage in a development program.

Based on customer feedback, The SA Group continuously identifies areas with great potential for new products that can ease operational, installation and/or certification aspects of certain applications. Over the years, The SA Group has developed a number of intelligent products for the aviation industry, including:

  • Fleet Management Control Systems
  • Ground Radios for control towers
  • Control Units for Aircraft Belly Loading Systems
  • Navigator Guidance Systems for boats
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Solution
  • UAV-ID System designed to help identify drones and unmanned vehicles. 

The EFB solution serves as a good example of the product development capabilities offered by The SA Group.

The EFB solution consists of two COTS tablets by choice of the customer, a Data Integration Center (DIC-600) for aircraft interface capability. two control panels and a separate communication module (ERC-400) that will ease the certification process and future-proof the operator's future communication demands.

Additionally, a lot of side products have been designed, such as racks for the equipment, tablet holders for individual tablets, electronic tablet interfaces, etc. All components are designed and certified within The SA Group, and manufactured in-house or by our high quality sub-contractors. 

The SA Group is constantly working on new products and ideas based on customer feedback in order to meet general and specific requirements and to offer the market intelligent products that minimize certification costs and optimize efficiency. If you have a requirement or idea for a concepts, The SA Group will be most pleased to explore the program and provide comments/ concepts for a development program. 

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