Training Services

The SA Group offers a range of avionics training courses under EASA Part 147, Part 145 and Part 21J approvals, including: 

  • B2 Theoretical Type training 
  • Certification and Design training 
  • Human Factor training 
  • EWIS training 
  • Fuel Tank Safety training
  • CS25 Training
  • Component Level Maintenance training 
  • Avionics Systems Operation training



EASA Part 147 Training

The SA Group offers customized B2 theoretical type training courses to aircraft operators and maintenance organizations. The B2 type training courses include
classroom training and multiple choice examinations conducted by EASA Part 147 approved instructors.

In addition to the theoretical type training, The SA Group provides a complete approved syllabus for the practical training required to conclude the B2 type training course.

The training courses are performed at training facilities at Scandinavian Avionics, in Billund Denmark or at the customer’s facilities if possible.

EASA Part 145 and Part 21J Training

Based on EASA Part-145 and Part-21J approvals, The SA Group offers a wide range of training courses, such as Certification/Design, CS25 Large Aeroplanes Certification Basic Training,
Human Factor, EWIS, Fuel Tank Safety, Component Level Maintenance, Avionics Systems Operation and other training courses as required by the customer.

Customized Training Courses

The SA Group offers any training course under EASA Part 147, -145 and -21J customized to meet the specific customer needs and all flight operators and maintenance centers are
encouraged to contact The SA Group with their training requirements.