Production Services

Scandinavian Avionics holds the EASA Part 21G Production Organization Approval.

This approval enables Scandinavian Avionics and The SA Group to provide an even wider range of avionics services to even more customers in the aviation industry, as well as enhance the capability towards the existing customer base. The SA Group has always delivered equipment and kits along with our STC's, however the EASA Part 21G approval enables us to deliver complete kits, including custom manufactured electrical and structural parts, with an EASA Form 1. 

Two Approvals in perfect symmetry

We are, with the EASA Part 21G Production approval, able to produce complete kits and parts, according to approved data, related to electronic, electrical and instrument installations, including related mechanical parts.
Examples of some of these deliverables, is when we apply our Laser Wire Marking System to produce customized cables, wire looms and harnesses in accordance with requirements and specifications set out by our STC's or customers. Another example is the production of our Tablet Holder, which is installed in houndres of cockpits for quick and easy pilot handling of tablets utilized as EFB’s in cockpits.

We can via our own Part 21J Design Organization approval provide approved data for the production, or we can produce according to 3rd party data, depending on the exact requirement.

In other words – as we hold both the EASA Part 21J Design and the 21G Production approval we can provide our customers with complete production capability from the design phase all the way through to serial production of electrical and mechanical parts and kits according to customer requirements.

Quality is Key

As an approved manufacturer of airworthy products we have demonstrated to live up to the highest and most strict standards in the aviation industry. We approve and monitor our suppliers, and have full traceability of all parts and materials supplied.

In our production, the quality performance is built into each step of production, making a culture for quality throughout the organization and the chain of delivery. Every single part is handled with care to secure ultimate quality products for our customers, at a competitive price level. 

All parts and kits are produced according to approved data, and are delivered with an EASA Form 1.