25 years of dedicated service prize from Rockwell Collins

In 2016 ScandinavianAvionics received anotherhonorable award. For 25 years we have provided our quality service to products from Rockwell Collins, with sales, repair and maintenance.

Garmin Platinum Award

In 2016 we received the Garmin Platinum Award as a recognition of excellent sales performance, commitment and service within the Garmin International avionics distributor network. Scandinavian Avionics has in more than 20 years provided sales, maintenance, certification, installation and support of Garmin aviation products.

Garmin Platinum Award

Top Dealer International 2015 Award

In 2015 Scandinavian Avionics proudly received the Top Dealer International award from Universal Avionics Systems Corporation (UASC).
Every year UASC recognizes, out of several hundred in its Authorized Dealer Network, one International Dealer, who has achieved outstanding sales performance. 

This 2015 award, is the 5th International Top Dealer award Scandinavian Avionics receives from UASC, as SA also were granted the award in the years of 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Gazelle Award

Scandinavian Avionics A/S has proudly received the Gazelle award for the third time in a row - 2013, 2014 & 2015.

The Gazelle award is presented each year to Danish companies, who has doubled its turnover over the last four financial statements, while having a positive growth in gross result. The Gazelle is among the most prestigious national business awards in Denmark, and is recognized by the leading Danish business newspaper Børsen.

After receiving the Gazelle award in 2015 Michael R. Truelsen, President at Scandinavian Avionics expressed:  

“Receiving the Gazelle for the third year in a row, makes me immensely proud and happy. Being among this exclusive group of companies, with no less than three Gazelle statuettes, is a powerful statement that we evolve and grow our business in a positive manner." 

Industry Improvement Award, Billund

Scandinavian Avionics had the great honor of receiving the Industry Improvement Award of the Municipality of Billund in 2014. An award given to a company, organisation or private person who has shown a special effort in promoting the development in Billund throughout the previous year. 

The award was given upon the facts that Scandinavian Avionics has shown the ability of growth and expanding their business focus, during the financial crisis. 

Michael R. Truelsen, President at Scandinavian Avionics comments: 

"A lovely recognition of all the hard work done by each and every one in the company. This award is for all of us!"

Michael R. Truelsen received the award at an event with 110 business people and local politicians gathered in Billund.

Garmin Platinum Award

In 2014 Scandinavian Avionics did with great honor, receive a Garmin Platinum Award, for the third year in a row. 

The award has been given by Garmin with the recognition of commitment, service and success of the cooperation between Garmin and Scandinavian Avionics and excellence sales performance from SA as part of the Garmin International Avionics distributor network.