It can be hard to navigate in the complex world of avionics and related regulations. Based on an extensive knowledge and experience, The SA Group offers highly qualified consultancy services with the purpose to guide customers through the complex dynamics of avionics and electronics related projects to enable them to make the most competent, future-proof and cost-effective decisions as possible. The SA Group provides its consultancy services to many different customer types in many different types of constellations.

Aircraft Operator Consultancy Services

For any aircraft operator it can be challenging to keep up to date with current regulative, airworthiness and/or operational requirements in the ever changing EASA environment. The SA Group is working with mandates every day and is able to assist with an overview of the operator’s current aircraft status and to provide a report and propose a solution which will secure the operation of the aircraft now and in the years to come.

Aircraft OEM Consultancy Services

As a link between the aircraft OEM and the avionics OEMs, The SA Group offers consultancy services including guidance about any avionics related issues, such as certification, operational considerations, maintenance and future-proofing of the avionics systems in the aircraft. This is an efficient and cost-effective solution for any aircraft OEM, who requires avionics support by experienced and knowledgeable specialists around the clock.

Military and Government Consultancy Services

Based on local presence with significant insight into the defense industries and in-depth knowledge about government and defense requirements in many countries in Europe, CIS, Africa and the Middle- and Far East, The SA Group offers a range of consultancy services to support avionics and electronics manufacturer’s response to international tenders for defense and government projects, including: 

  • Market Intelligence
  • Operational Requirements
  • Project Management
  • Bid Preparation
  • Industrial Co-operation
  • System Procurement
  • Field Trials
  • Project Marketing
  • Offset Support

In addition, The SA Group has skilled personnel to support the customer (Government, Air Force, Army, Navy, Police, Homeland Security Forces etc.), with exploring possibilities of various offset arrangements.

The above mentioned constellations are just a few examples of the consultancy capabilities offered by The SA Group. Basically, The SA Group offers consultancy services for any type of avionics and electronics requirements in any type of constellation.