The SA Group is highly engaged in the development of the UAV market, in several different business areas. The UAV market is still quite immature, when it comes to regulations and certification. However with the pace the market is developing, within the commercial, military and civilian segment, The SA Group see a strategically important part of the aviation sector, that we are already heavily engaged in, within the following areas: 

  • Sales of UAV's for various applications
  • Final assembly and installation of payload/mission equipment for UAV's
  • Certification and documentation of payloads and related software for UAV's
  • Development of hardware and software applications for UAV's 
  • Maintenance of UAV's 
  • Training (operational and maintenance) for UAV's 
  • Consultancy for customers and authorities

The vast aviation experience within the SA Group is really a benefit within the UAV sector, and we see huge interest for services provided by The SA Group, within this aviation segment.