Daniel Solem -

Daniel Solem

Division Manager
P: +47 6480 8090

Modifications and MRO Services

Strategically located at Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway, Scandinavian Avionics Norway (SA Norway) serves a wide variety of customers. The division is highly technical orientated and supports both modification programs and MRO services. SA Norway's MRO capabilities are, besides the regular avionics units, focused on the heavy airline activity in Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

Battery Shop

SA Norway has a modern battery shop, in order to cope with the increasing demands from our customers for deep cycling, repair and overhaul of aircraft main batteries. Our battery shop can run diagnostics of 4 main batteries simultaneously, which enable SA Norway to offer short turnaround times and great capacity to handle the demand. Our concepts is cost effective and flexible and offers our customers flying in Oslo Gardermoen Airport, a lot of flexibility and a high level of service at attractive prices.

MRO Services on Oxygen Bottles and Regulators

Another niche of SA Norway is MRO services on oxygen bottles – checks, refills or overhaul of the oxygen bottles with respirator regulators, which along with the battery shop is very convenient to have available for airlines flying to Oslo, Gardermoen Airport. SA Norway invested in an oxygen generating system in 2015 in order to continue to provide our customers with cost-effective and flexible oxygen solutions, and we are continuously expanding this capability.

SA Norway is available to serve norwegian customers in all of Norway with any avionics related program. We are always at your disposal, and ready to discuss and advice on your specific requirements.

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