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The EFB solution serves as a good example of the product development capabilities offered by The SA Group. The SA Group offers a complete turn-key EFB solution including all equipment, certification, installation, training and other support. At the moment the solution is certified for A320, B737MAX, B737NG, B757, B767, ATP, ATR Q200 and Q400 aircraft and more aircraft types will follow.

The Scandinavian Avionics modular EFB solution consists of

  • Windows tablets or iPads - as specified by the operator
  • Data Integration Center (DIC-600) for aircraft communication and networking
  • Control panels providing power and network capability as well as auxiliary power for pilot personal devices. Optional wireless network access
  • State of the art Cockpit Door & Cabin Surveillance Camera system
  • Communication module (ERC-400). Ground network with support for worldwide used 3G/4G/LTE/CDMA/WiMAX

The modular tablet based EFB solution from Scandinavian Avionics is a state-of-the-art future proof EFB solution which provides the functionality to meet today’s operational requirements of airlines and aircraft operators and at the same time is simple to upgrade in the future to meet new requirements and needs.


EFB Brochure -

EFB Brochure

EFB; Cockpit Door Surveillance System; Cockpit Wireless Accesspoint; Data Integration Center; Control Panel; Ethernet Radio Controller