The Danish Armed Forces’ T-17 aircraft are being upgraded with new digital instruments

Billund, Denmark – 20 June 2022

Since 1975, the Danish Armed Forces has used the SAAB T-17 Supporter aircraft for e.g. pilot training. Now is the time for a thorough update of the instrumentation of the aircraft - a task that Scandinavian Avionics has helped greatly along the way. The prototype, which has undergone an upgrade and subsequent test flight, was handed over yesterday at the Danish Air Show in Karup, Denmark.

The original analogue navigation and communication equipment has been dismantled and replaced by modern digital equipment. With its many in-house capabilities, Scandinavian Avionics has lifted the complex task of upgrading an older aircraft to become up-to-date.

In order to be able to solve the task, Scandinavian Avionics’ design specialists and engineers, in close collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation, the Royal Danish Air Force, the Danish Armed Forces Maintenance Service and 2M Ståldesign ApS, have developed the necessary hardware and documentation incl. new layout of the instrument panel, diagrams, connections, wiring and placement of instruments.

The purpose of the prototype is to pave the way for a future proofing of the T-17 fleet, so that the type will be a relevant capacity for the Armed Forces on an ongoing basis. At the same time, up-to-date digital instrumentation means a more natural transition for new pilots to more complex platforms. Furthermore, maintenance is significantly reduced, just as a smaller weight saving on the upgrade will reduce fuel consumption.

Digital touch screens
The original analog equipment in the cockpit has been replaced with a much more modern set-up with digital touch screens and the option of wireless uploading of planning and relevant databases related to flight. The pilot's old analog primary instruments have been replaced with a Garmin G500 TXi display, which provides a much better overview of primary flight data such as altitude and speed. This includes digital EIS (Engine Indication System), which makes, among other things, the original engine and fuel instruments redundant.

The new GTN750Xi GPS is the pilot's tool for navigation and communication, and a battery-powered GI275 standby indicator is installed in case the aircraft loses its primary power source. LED indicators are installed in the panel, which use less power and reduce the need for maintenance, as well as an ADS-B out solution, ensuring that statutory data on the identification and position of the aircraft is transmitted. Overall, a thorough update of the old training aircraft, which really lifts the cockpit and instrumentation to a new level.

Development of the prototype
Scandinavian Avionics’ total delivery to The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation also includes specification and documentation of the prototype, which will form the basis for a forthcoming EU tender for modification of the Armed Forces' T-17 fleet.


“The collaboration with Scandinavian Avionics, as the main supplier of the prototype, has emphasized the value of a close collaboration with the danish defense industry. Scandinavian Avionics’ many years of experience in the field of aircraft avionics, together with their accommodating approach and immediate understanding of the needs of the Armed Forces, have in a short time ensured an excellent technical and future-proof operational solution. What Scandinavian Avionics has professionally delivered will also form the foundation for modification of the T-17 aircraft, which will ensure the continued relevance of the capacity for the Armed Forces for many years to come", says Jens Vinther, Major, Capacity Manager T-17, The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation.


In conjunction with the delivery of the prototype, Scandinavian Avionics has prepared a training program that will equip the military's T-17 technicians to understand maintenance of the new systems. This training program is organized and performed by AEROTEAM Training Solutions, which like Scandinavian Avionics is part of The SA Group.


“In "The SA Group" we deliver, among other things, turn-key solutions to our customers, and this project is a perfect example, where we together with the Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation have defined an optimal solution in terms of finances and functionality, designed the profound technical documentation, performed the actual installation and configuration, made the final test program and will in addition provide training of defense personnel. It has been a pleasure to work with the Armed Forces' skilled employees and develop an optimal solution - the result speaks for itself", says Hardy B. Truelsen, T-17 Project Manager, Founder & Chairman, Scandinavian Avionics A/S.


As mentioned, pilots and technicians from the Royal Danish Air Force have been involved during the process and are happy to receive the aircraft.

“The project has been characterized by a fantastic effort by everyone - including a flexible and professional "go minded" attitude. The prototype is a pleasure to fly in, and I am really looking forward to use the aircraft into properly and becoming even wiser about the systems - both on the pilot and the technician side. It is and will be an exciting time that we approach”, says Ole Torp (POL), Major, MSc, Test Pilot, Air Command Denmark.


The test flight of the finished prototype has now been carried out to everyone's satisfaction, and the official handover of the aircraft to the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation took place during the Danish Air Show 2022 in Karup on Sunday 19 June 2022.

The Danish Air Force has a total of 27 T-17 aircraft, with room for 2 (3) men on board. The T-17 aircraft are used primarily as training aircraft for pilot training, but also for observation flights, connecting flights, maintenance of skills and much more.

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