MAYDAY - Training Tools

Introducing our world of interactive and innovative training tools

Next level interactive classroom training, where the student and learning objectives are in focus, and we can facilitate an active and educational environment. The range of MAYDAY Training Tools are great facilitators for your training requirements, whether you are an MRO or an operator.

All our MAYDAY Training Tools have been developed to make classroom training more interesting and motivating for both students and instructors. We believe in classroom training as the most efficient way to provide ground training for maintenance personnel, flight- and cabin crew.

The tools consists of a psysical board game where events, crew, personal com-pentencies, time and money are being used as drivers, to improve teamwork and enhance knowledge and sharing of experience amongst the students.

With several versions of our MAYDAY Training Tools, we have designed the perfect facilitator for a wide range of training applications.

We strive to deliver the best tools available for classroom training, making the training interesting and educational for both students and instructors. Our tools are EASA compliant, and covers the majority of required syllabuses where applicable. We are constantly in the process of developing new tools and updating our existing ones, with new scenarios and compliance to evolving regulation.

MAYDAY Training Tools

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Human Factors
  • Stress Management
  • Location & Procedure
  • Pre-flight Briefing Cards

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